The DA42 is easy to fly and burns fuel like a single, but with the added safety of a second engine. Impressive cross-country performance pleases private pilots and business owners alike, while the low operating costs make it an ideal advanced trainer.

  • Modern twin multi engine aircraft
  • Twin 170 horse power jet fueled AE300 engines
  • G1000NXi Avionics & Garmin GPS system, Kap 140 auto pilot

The performance, stability, handling characteristics and ease of operation of the DA42 make it an easy transition from single to twin. Superb performance with a single engine service ceiling of 18,000’ offers a margin of safety that single engine aircraft simply do not have. Especially when flying in inclement weather, over inhospitable terrain, over water and at night, nothing beats the safety of continued flight in case of engine failure. That is why Diamond’s high performance piston is a twin.

The DA42’s unique combination of performance and utility will impress pilots looking to go direct, even in unfriendly weather.

Flight schools training the next generation of professional pilots benefit from the DA42’s superior recruitment appeal, while enjoying low total life cycle costs that make the DA42 thebest value, as well as the most capable aircraft, on any flight training line.