To hold a Flight Instructor Rating you must be registered in the University of Windsor’s Aeronautics Leadership Program and already have a Commercial Pilot License. Upon successful completion of the rating, you will be able to conduct dual flight instruction in respect of the issuance of a pilot permit — recreational — aeroplane or pilot license — aeroplane or the endorsement of a night rating or a VFR OTT rating on a pilot license — aeroplane.


*Students must be enrolled in the University of Windsor’s Aeronautics Leadership Program. Journey Air does not provide training to students outside of the program as it is not designated as a Private Career College.


  • Minimum of 25 hours of Instructor Rating ground school instruction which shall include:
    • Practical application of the basic principles of learning and techniques of instruction;
    • Preparation and use of lesson plans;
    • Procedures for planning and presenting preparatory ground instruction, pre-flight briefings, in-flight instruction, and post-flight debriefings;
    • Theory of flight required to teach the air exercises;
    • Aircraft flight manuals and aircraft operating limits;
    • Presentation of pilot decision-making concepts; and
    • The use of the Transport Canada Flight Instructor Guide, Flight Training Manual, Canadian Aviation Regulations, Part IV and the appropriate Flight Test schedules and guides
  • Minimum of 70% in the written examination Flight Instructor Rating – Aeroplane Class 4 (AIRAF)


  • Complete in aeroplanes a minimum of 30 hours of dual flight instruction on overall pilot proficiency and the presentation of all exercises set forth in the Flight Instructor Guide and shall include a minimum of 5 hours of training in the teaching of instrument flight skills. A maximum 5 of the 30 hours may be conducted on an approved aeroplane simulator or flight training device


Successfully complete a flight test