Training is also available through the use of two flight simulations programs. The AL42 multi-engine flight simulator, from the French industry leader ALSIM, is one of only ten systems in all of North America. Journey Air also prepares pilots using a brand-new Redbird FMX full motion simulator.


Since 1994, ALSIM has been developing and manufacturing FAA & EASA certified AATD, FNPT II and FNPT II MCC flight simulators. Introducing the AL42 multi-engine flight simulator, it’s currently one of ten in all of North America. The AL42 is an exact replica of ALSIM’s multi-engine DA42 Twin star aircraft installed with the Garmin G1000 cockpit. The AL42 is designed to be as realistic as possible and complies with IR requirements. It is an exact copy of an aircraft and enables students to become familiar with aircraft patterns, systems and procedures. Students who are learning to become pilots will complete training with this simulator towards the Multi/Instrument Flight Rating and then proceed to an actual aircraft. Due to its visual data and technology, the instructor is always able to oversee the whole training course as the student flies in virtual reality.

Redbird FMX

The latest addition of the Redbird FMX is one of the very first simulators designed to meet any new challenges by flight training providers. This full-motion simulator has an electric motion platform and wrap-around visuals to provide astounding realism. The training environment is realistic and has over 20 aviation authority approvals such as the FAA and EASA. One huge bonus of the FMX is that it will fit in a regular classroom (or even a corner), so no special electric requirements are needed.