About Us

Journey Air Pilot Training is Windsor’s premiere flight school with over a decade of success. Journey Air Pilot Training operates a fleet of world-class composite-construction Diamond DA20, Diamond DA40, and multi-engine Diamond DA42 aircraft. At Journey Air Pilot Training, we offer our students the opportunity to train and acquire invaluable airtime in either of our state-of-the-art flight training devices (simulators): the Redbird FMX 1000 or our highly prized ALSIM AL42, manufactured specifically to replicate the Diamond DA42.


Located at Windsor International Airport (YQG), Windsor’s Journey Air Pilot Training is an ideal place for a potential pilot to start spreading their wings! Thanks to our ideal location as a border-city town adjacent to Detroit, Michigan, Journey Air Pilot Training is able to provide all the educational benefits of a larger metropolitan air travel hub, but at a more manageable size and relatively low traffic volume. In addition, our airport traffic and learning environment at YQG allows for considerably more in-air training time per session than other larger flying schools in the Southwestern-Ontario region. This directly translates into increased opportunities for novice pilots who choose to train with Journey Air Pilot Training.

Careers in aviation

If you are considering a career in aviation, this is the time to learn at Journey Air Pilot Training. With the end of the global lockdowns, becoming a professional pilot has not been this attractive to potential pilots in generations. Consider this news story from CBC in 2019 (which was even before the current need became greater): 

CBC – Pilot shortage can’t be addressed by existing programs

As air travel continues to expand into new and developing markets and as a sizable cohort of aviation professionals ages into retirement, one thing is clear: the demand for skilled pilots is set to skyrocket. If you can see yourself in the cockpit, you need to touch down at Windsor’s own Journey Air Pilot Training.

If you’re not happy with your current career direction – or you’re not sure you have one at all – all signs point to Journey Air. It’s the perfect time to spread your wings.


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