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About Us

As Windsor’s leading flight school for over ten years, our commitment to providing top-tier pilot training is evident through our operation of an elite fleet of aircraft and industry standard flight training devices. This includes the popular for pilot training Diamond DA20, Diamond DA40, and the multi-engine Diamond DA42 aircraft, all renowned for their advanced composite construction and superior performance.

Prime Location for Aspiring Pilots

Our home at the Windsor International Airport (CYQG) is more than just a base; it’s the starting point for aspiring pilots to embark on their aviation journey.

Situated in Windsor, a border-city adjacent to Detroit Michigan USA, our location combines the educational advantages of a major air travel hub with the benefits of lower traffic volumes and a more personal learning environment.

This unique position allows our students to enjoy extensive in-air training time, a privilege that sets Journey Air Pilot Training apart from other flight schools in the Southwestern Ontario region and beyond.

Innovative Flight Training Devices

At Journey Air Pilot Training, we believe in leveraging technology to enhance learning and skill acquisition, while making it more affordable for satisfying Transport Canada requirements

That’s why we offer training on cutting-edge flight simulators, including the Redbird FMX and the ALSIM AL42. The ALSIM AL42 is meant to mimic the Diamond DA42’s flight characteristics precisely, offering our students an unparalleled opportunity to hone their piloting skills in a controlled environment.

Our Flight Instructors

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Your Pathway to the Skies