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Anti-bullying, Anti-harassment, and Anti-discrimination Policy

1. Purpose:

  • 1) Who is bound: Journey Air Ltd has adopted this broad Anti-Bullying, Anti-Harassment, and Anti-Discrimination Policy to ensure ethical and respectful employment practices and treatment for all students of Institution, as well as employees.
  • 2) Objective: The objective of this policy is to create a climate of understanding and
    mutual respect where each person feels a part of Journey’s community.
  • 3) Zero tolerance: Journey Air Ltd will have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, harassment or discrimination. Journey Air Ltd will not tolerate, ignore, or condone any form of discrimination or harassment and is committed to promoting appropriate standards of conduct at all times.
  • 4) May result in dismissal/expulsion: All employees of Journey Air Ltd are responsible for respecting the dignity and rights of their co-workers and the Students whom they educate. Students in turn are responsible for respecting the dignity and rights of their fellow Students. Bullying and harassment are serious forms of employee and student misconduct which may result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge of an employee, and which may result in suspension or dismissal/expulsion of a Student or a denial of admission to any prospective Student.
  • 5) Harassment-free workplace: Journey Air Ltd will take any and all reasonable steps available to ensure a harassment-free environment, including barring the harasser from its facilities, where appropriate, or discontinuing business with harassers, as the case may be.

2. Application Policies

  • 1) Online bullying, harassment, and social media: Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated on or off campus to the extent that such conduct compromises a respectful and harassment free environment at the Journey Air Ltd. For example, online (social media, e-mail, or otherwise) harassment or bullying by a student or Employee at Journey Air Ltd will not be tolerated – and will be treated as if it occurred on campus.
  • 2) Enumerated grounds: Without limitation, the following prohibited grounds of discrimination and any combination of these grounds will specifically not be tolerated, apart and aside from any harassment or bullying issue:
    • a) Race;
    • b) Citizenship;
    • c) Sexual Orientation;
    • d) Ancestry;
    • e) Creed;
    • f) Age;
    • g) Place of Origin;
    • h) Sex (including pregnancy);
    • i) Marital Status;
    • j) Colour;
    • k) Gender;
    • l) Family Status;
    • m) Ethnic Origin;
    • n) Disability
    • o) Association or relationship with a person identified by one of the above grounds;
    • p) Perception that any of these grounds apply;
    • q) The raising of a concern related to harassment or discrimination based on one of the grounds mentioned in this policy
  • 3) Right to contract equally: Every person having legal capacity has a right to contract on equal terms without discrimination based on those items enumerated in paragraph 2 Above.
  • 4) Equal treatment in employment: (applies only to employees).
  • 5) “Bullying” standards may be adopted which go beyond any legislation that is in place in order to determine whether instances of “bullying” (which may fall short of or be different from “harassment”) have occurred.
  • 6) Obligation to Report: Staff and students must report any alleged form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying to an authorized representative of Journey Air Ltd, and pursuant to current legislation in Ontario.
  • 7) Discrimination: Discrimination, as used in this Policy, is any practice or behaviour, whether intentional or not, which has a negative impact on an individual or group because of personal characteristics or circumstances unrelated to the person’s abilities or the employment or service issue in question (e.g., disability, sex, race, sexual orientation). Discrimination may arise as a result of direct differential treatment or it may result from the unequal effect of treating individuals and groups in the same way. Either way, if the effect of the behaviour on the individual is to withhold or limit full, equal and meaningful access to goods, services, facilities, employment, housing accommodation or contracts available to other members of society, it is discrimination.
  • 8) Duty to accommodate: This refers to the legal obligation of an organization to take steps to eliminate disadvantage caused by systemic, attitudinal, or physical barriers that unfairly exclude individuals or groups protected under the applicable legislation in Ontario and any regulations thereto. It also includes an obligation to meet the special needs of individuals and groups protected by any such regulation and legislation unless meeting such needs would create undue hardship.
  • 9) Definitions:
    • a) “Bullying”: means the severe or repeated use by one or more pupils of a written, verbal, electronic or other form of expression, a physical act or gesture or any combination of them if it is directed at another person if it has the effect of or is reasonably intended to have the effect of:
      • i) causing physical or emotional harm to another person or damage to another person’s property,
      • ii) placing another person in reasonable fear of harm to himself or herself or damage to his or her property,
      • iii) creating a hostile environment at Journey Air Ltd for another person,
      • iv) infringing on the legal rights of another person at Journey Air Ltd, or
      • v) materially and substantially disrupting the education process or the orderly operation of Journey Air Ltd (“intimidation”)
    • b) “Employee”: For the purpose of this policy, the term employee includes: full- time, part-time, temporary, probationary and casual employees, co-op students, volunteers, job applicants, staff, contractors, and consultants working for Journey Air Ltd;
    • c) “Student”: means student or prospective student of Journey Air Ltd;
    • d) “Equal Treatment”: Equal treatment is treatment that brings about an equality of results and that may, in some instances, require different treatment;
    • e) “Harassment” means “engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct against an employee or student that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome.”
  • 10) Discipline: Journey Air Ltd will investigate any and all allegations for harassment promptly, in accordance with the law, and free from reprisal.

Report Incidents: Contact Debbie Sharron, Human Resources Department, immediately if there are any questions or concerns about this policy. Human Resources can be contacted by phone: 519-969-7052 ext. 206.