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Medical Requirements

Before embarking on your flight training journey, it is crucial to determine if you meet the medical requirements necessary to become a pilot. Obtaining medical approval early in the process allows you to streamline your training without unnecessary delays.

It is important to note that Commercial Pilots (CPL) undergo more rigorous and frequent medical evaluations, the specifics of which depend on the pilot’s age. CPL holders are required to pass a Category 1 medical exam.

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Passing a Category 3 Medical Examination

For aspiring holders of a Private Pilot License (PPL), passing a Category 3 medical examination conducted by a Transport Canada Approved Medical Examiner (CAME) is a prerequisite. In the Windsor-Essex area, we recommend initiating this process by contacting Dr. Barry Lamont at the Windsor Medical Clinic as soon as possible:

Dr. Barry Lamont

Windsor Medical Clinic
1608 Tecumseh Road West, Windsor ON

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