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Alcohol and Drug Policy

1. Introduction:

Journey Air Ltd., (JA) is committed to providing all employees and students with a safe place to work and study. To emphasize this, JA has developed the following requirements for all employees and students: In order to minimize the risk of impaired performance due to substance use from drugs or alcohol the Company has adopted a Zero Tolerance policy. The following are strictly prohibited for all employees of JA.

  • l. Use, possession, offering or sale of illicit drugs, illicit drug paraphernalia, or unprescribed drugs for which a prescription is legally required in Canada.
  • 2. Presence in the body therefore violating the zero tolerance.
  • 3. Use, possession, distribution, offering or sale of alcohol beverages.
  • 4. Not meeting the Zero Tolerance rule.
  • 5. consuming alcoholic beverages during their working hours, whether at or away from the workplace.
  • 6. Failure to inform the employer of the legitimate use of any prescription or over-the-counter drugs during work hours which may affect the employee’s alertness or cause drowsiness or impairment.

2. Substance Testing:

  • 1. If required, all JA employees/students will not be permitted to work/or operate aircraft unless they can demonstrate that they have passed an alcohol and / or drug test prior to the commencement of work/instruction with JA.
  • 2. JA may require drug and alcohol tests to be performed, and have an employee or student to be removed where reasonable cause exists to suspect alcohol or drug use. Reasonable cause includes, but is not limited to:
    • i) instances where alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia have been detected in the workplace.
    • ii) where there are visible physical signs of impairment of the employee.
    • iii) where reasonable ground exists to suspect the involvement of drugs or alcohol. Reasonable cause testing will be conducted as soon as possible.
  • 3. Testing may also be required for near misses or less serious incidents as well as for significant incidents. Because testing is an investigation procedure, testing is required even in the absence of direct evidence or suspicion of alcohol or drug misuse.
  • 4. Random Testing: Employees will be subjected to an unannounced random alcohol and / or drug testing program while they are employees of JA.

3. Compliance and Enforcement:

Due to the seriousness of these violations there is no progressive discipline. Failure to follow the rules will mean automatic Termination and deemed Just Cause.

Report Incidents: Contact Debbie Sharron, Human Resources Department, immediately if there are any questions or concerns about this policy. Human Resources can be contacted by phone: 519-969-7052 ext. 206.