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Multi-Engine Rating

Master the Skies: Elevate your flying capabilities with a Multi-Engine Rating on your Commercial Pilot License (CPL). This rating is a significant milestone, enabling you to pilot aircraft with more than one engine, a skill highly valued in the aviation industry.

Understanding the Multi-Engine Rating

Training with Diamond DA42

Your training for the Multi-Engine Rating will be conducted on our Diamond Aircraft DA42. Known for its performance and reliability, the DA42 provides an ideal platform for learning complex multi-engine operations and handling.

Age and Medical Requirements

The Multi-Engine Rating does not have additional age and medical requirements beyond those already met for your CPL. Maintaining your medical fitness, however, is crucial for operating multi-engine aircraft.

Multi-Engine Rating Pilot Privileges

Transport Canada Requirements

For specific requirements and standards for obtaining a Multi-Engine Rating, please refer to Transport Canada’s guidelines or contact Journey Air Pilot Training.

Multi-Engine Rating Cost Breakdown

Multi-Engine RatingCost
Dual Flight Instruction (15hrs @ $440hr)$6,600.00
Transport Canada Licensing & Fee$750.00
Total (taxes included)$8,305.00

Cost Considerations: Be aware that the estimated costs for pilot training, based on Transport Canada minimums, may vary with each student’s unique learning pace and needs. For specific training requirements and personalized cost details, please contact Journey Air Pilot Training directly.

Journey Air’s Multi-Engine Rating Program

At Journey Air Pilot Training, our Multi-Engine Rating program is designed to provide thorough, hands-on experience, ensuring you are proficient and confident in operating multi-engine aircraft. This training not only meets but exceeds industry standards, preparing you for a wide range of professional flying opportunities.