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Night Rating

Illuminate Your Skills: Gain your Night Rating and unlock the ability to fly from sunset to sunrise, experiencing the unique beauty and tranquility of night skies. This rating enhances your skill set and broadens your flying capabilities to a whole new world under the stars.

Understanding the Private Pilot License (PPL)

Training Focus

The Night Rating program at Journey Air Pilot Training includes both instrument and night flight training. You’ll learn to navigate the skies using instruments and experience the serene beauty of night flying, a skill that adds depth and versatility to your pilot qualifications.

Age and Medical Requirements

Night Rating doesn’t have specific age and medical requirements beyond those for the base license (PPL or CPL). However, maintaining your medical fitness is crucial for safe night flying.

Night Rating Pilot Privileges

Transport Canada Requirements

Night flying has its own set of regulations and standards. For detailed information on requirements and standards for Night Ratings, please contact Journey Air Pilot Training or refer to Transport Canada’s guidelines.

Night Rating Cost Breakdown

Night RatingCost
Dual Instrument Flight Instruction (DA20/5hrs)$1,250.00
Dual Flight Instruction (DA20/5hrs)$1,250.00
Solo Night Flight Practice (DA20/5hrs)$875.00
Pre-Flight & Post-Flight Briefings (2hrs)$150.00
Transport Canada Fee$50.00
Total (taxes included)$4,004.00

Cost Considerations: Be aware that the estimated costs for pilot training, based on Transport Canada minimums, may vary with each student’s unique learning pace and needs. For specific training requirements and personalized cost details, please contact Journey Air Pilot Training directly.

Night Rating and Night Recurrency

At Journey Air Pilot Training, our Night Rating and Night Recurrency programs are designed to provide you with a comprehensive and immersive experience, ensuring you are well-prepared for the unique challenges and rewards of night aviation.