To hold a night rating you must already be the holder of a permit or licence. After completing the permit or licence you may then obtain a night rating. The holder of a permit or licence that has been endorsed with a night rating may exercise the privileges of the permit or licence by night.


The minimum Transport Canada requirements to hold the Private Pilot License are as follows:


An applicant for a night rating shall have acquired in aeroplanes a minimum of 20 hours of pilot flight time which shall include a minimum of:

  • 10 hours of night flight time including a minimum of:
    • 5 hours dual flight time, including 2 hours of cross-country flight time;
    • 5 hours solo flight time, including 10 takeoffs, circuits and landings.
  • 10 hours dual instrument time


Successfully completed a qualifying flight under the supervision of a Transport Canada Flight Inspector or a qualified flight instructor