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Private Pilot License (PPL)

Elevate Your Horizons: Acquire your Private Pilot License (PPL) and embark on a journey of limitless exploration, flying to new destinations and experiencing the ultimate freedom that the vast skies offer!

Understanding the Private Pilot License (PPL)

The Private Pilot License (PPL) is a fundamental step in your pilot training journey at Journey Air Pilot Training.

Training with Diamond DA20s

As part of your PPL training, you’ll gain hands-on experience with our fleet of Diamond DA20 aircraft. These planes are renowned for their reliability and are an excellent choice for beginner pilots.

Age and Medical Requirements

To begin training for your PPL, you must be at least 17 years of age. Passing a Category 3 medical exam conducted by a Transport Canada Approved Medical Examiner is required. In the Windsor-Essex area, we recommend initiating this process by contacting Dr. Barry Lamont at the Windsor Medical Clinic as soon as possible:

Dr. Barry Lamont

Windsor Medical Clinic
1608 Tecumseh Road West, Windsor ON

PPL Pilot Privileges

Transport Canada Requirements

For a comprehensive understanding of the basic requirements and standards for obtaining a PPL, refer to Transport Canada’s Standard 421 – Flight Crew Permits, Licences, and Ratings.

Private Pilot License (PPL) Cost Breakdown

Private Pilot License (PPL)Cost
Private Pilot Ground School (40hrs)$425.00
Ground School Materials$250.00
Dual Flight Instruction (DA20/33hrs)$8,250.00
Solo Flight Practice (DA20/12hrs)$2,100.00
Pre-Flight & Post-Flight Briefings (20hrs)$1,500.00
PPL Flight Test & Written Exam$535.00
Transport Canada Licensing & Fee$85.00
Journey Air Admin Fee (Annual)$100.00
Total (taxes included)$14,966.00

Cost Considerations: Be aware that the estimated costs for pilot training, based on Transport Canada minimums, may vary with each student’s unique learning pace and needs. For specific training requirements and personalized cost details, please contact Journey Air Pilot Training directly.

Elevate Your Horizons with Journey Air Pilot Training

At Journey Air Pilot Training, we provide structured and comprehensive training to ensure you not only meet but exceed these requirements, laying a strong foundation for your aviation career.