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Recreational Pilot License (RPL)

Embrace the Skies! Get your Recreational Pilot License (RPL) and unlock the freedom to explore breathtaking landscapes from above, turning every flight into an exhilarating adventure!

Understanding the Recreational Pilot License (RPL)

The Recreational Pilot License (RPL) is an excellent starting point for aspiring aviators.

It allows you to fly for pleasure and personal transport under certain conditions. While it has its limitations compared to a Private Pilot License, it is a great way to get airborne with less training time required.

Age and Medical Requirements

To embark on your journey to becoming a pilot with our Diamond Aircraft DA20s at Journey Air Pilot Training, the first step is to meet the basic requirements. As a student pilot, you must be at least 16 years of age. Additionally, obtaining a Category 4 Medical clearance is crucial to ensure you are fit for the skies. Please arrange for your medical clearance or provide proof of medical when enrolling.

RPL Pilot Privileges

Transport Canada Requirements

For detailed guidance and Transport Canada Requirements for the Recreational Pilot License, refer to the Flight Test Guide for Recreational Pilot Permit – Aeroplane from Transport Canada.

Recreational Pilot License Cost

Start Your Aviation Career Today!

Embarking on this path with Journey Air Pilot Training not only aligns with your aspirations, but ensures a solid foundation in your aviation career!