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VFR (Over the Top) Rating

Expand Your Horizons: The VFR Over-The-Top (OTT) Rating equips you with the skills to fly above a layer of cloud or fog, offering greater flexibility and confidence in varied weather conditions. This rating is particularly valuable for those holding a Private Pilot License (PPL) who seek to enhance their flying capabilities.

Understanding the VFR OTT Rating

Added Flexibility for PPL Holders

While the VFR OTT Rating is automatically included in a Commercial Pilot License (CPL), PPL holders can acquire it separately. This rating is ideal for PPL pilots who wish to extend their flying abilities, allowing them to operate over a layer of clouds or fog, which is not typically permitted under standard Visual Flight Rules.

Age and Medical Requirements

There are no additional age and medical requirements for the VFR OTT Rating beyond those already met for your PPL or CPL.

VFR OTT Rating Quick Notes

Transport Canada Requirements

For specific information about the VFR OTT Rating, including the required training and standards, refer to Transport Canada’s guidelines or contact Journey Air Pilot Training.

VFR OTT Rating Training

At Journey Air Pilot Training, we provide comprehensive training for the VFR OTT Rating, ensuring that even as a PPL holder, you have the skills and confidence to navigate a broader range of weather conditions, safely and effectively.