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Aeronautics Leadership Program (University of Windsor)

Welcome to our Aeronautics Leadership Program, a collaboration between Journey Air Pilot Training and the esteemed University of Windsor since 2004.

This innovative program is designed for aspiring pilots seeking not only comprehensive commercial flight training but also the attainment of an Arts Social Science Degree, setting the stage for a well-rounded career in aviation leadership.

Aeronautics Program Overview

The Aeronautics Leadership Program offers a unique and multifaceted educational experience that merges the practical skills of flight training with the academic excellence of an Arts Social Science Degree from the University of Windsor. This integration is tailored to equip you with not just technical expertise but also a robust understanding of leadership, critical thinking, and social sciences within the aviation industry.

Aeronautics Leadership Contact

Mr. TJ Bradd, Program Manager
Aeronautics Leadership Program

Benefits of Aeronautics Program

Combining flight training with an Arts Social Science Degree offers a holistic approach to aviation education. This unique pathway not only equips you with technical flying skills but also fosters critical thinking, effective communication, and a deep understanding of human behavior—all crucial components for leadership roles in aviation.

By graduating with an Arts Social Science Degree alongside your pilot training, you gain a competitive edge, positioning yourself as a well-rounded professional capable of addressing the multifaceted challenges within the aviation industry.

Aeronautics Program Highlights

Join us in the Aeronautics Leadership Program