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Instrument Rating – Initial and Renewal (Group 1 & Group 3)

Navigate with Precision: Whether you are aiming to obtain your initial Instrument Rating or seeking to renew your existing qualification, our program at Journey Air Pilot Training caters to both Group 1 (Multi-Engine) and Group 3 (Single-Engine) pilots. This rating is crucial for enhancing your navigational skills and flying under a broader range of weather conditions.

For New Pilots: Instrument Rating Initial (Group 1 & Group 3)

Rating Training Overview

Age and Medical Requirements

The initial Instrument Rating requires you to hold a valid pilot license and a Category 1 or 3 Medical Certificate.

For Licensed Pilots: Instrument Renewal

Staying Current: Keeping your Instrument Rating current is vital for your safety and proficiency. We offer renewal training for pilots whose Instrument Rating may have lapsed or who seek to refresh their skills.

Renewal Training Overview

Instrument Rating Pilot Privileges

Instrument Rating (Group 1 & Group 3) Cost

Instrument Rating (Group 1 & Group 3)Cost
Dual Flight Instruction (5hrs @ $440hr)$2,200.00
Dual Instruction FTD (15hrs @ $275hr)$4,125.00
Transport Canada Licensing & Fee$1,000.00
Transport Canada Exam Fee$30.00
Total (taxes included)$8,311.00

Cost Considerations: Be aware that the estimated costs for pilot training, based on Transport Canada minimums, may vary with each student’s unique learning pace and needs. For specific training requirements and personalized cost details, please contact Journey Air Pilot Training directly.

Transport Canada Requirements

For detailed requirements for obtaining or renewing an Instrument Rating, refer to Transport Canada’s guidelines. Specific standards and recency requirements are outlined for both initial certification and renewals.

Comprehensive Approach to Instrument Rating

At Journey Air Pilot Training, our comprehensive approach to Instrument Rating training ensures that you’re not only meeting the regulatory requirements but also gaining the confidence and competence needed for safe and proficient instrument flying, whether you’re starting anew or renewing your skills.